Which Plugins do I need?

You can seamlessly integrate eLearnCommerce with a number of Membership Plugins. The following Membership Plugins are currently supported:

Get a complete overview here

With the exception of the Content Sales engine and Wishlist Member each Membership Plugin requires the correspondent eLearnCommerce integration addon to be installed as well.

This means you will need to install:

1.: eLearnCommerce

2.: Your Membership plugin of choice

3.: The eLearnCommerce Membership Plugin Integration Addon

All the membership plug-ins work and are setup in the exact same way, for demonstration purposes i will show you how it's done using Memberium.

Go to eLearnCommerce Settings —> Addon Settings —> click on Memberium Integration.

In the settings you can

1.: add your Integration addon License Key

2.: Disable or enable Upselling

3.: Add a Default redirect link to a Membership Sales Page (ideally you will have a separate sales page for each Membership on your Platform.

4.: Customize the Buy Now Button Link Text

If you haven't done so yet you will now create your Membership plans in your Membership plugin of choice, here you'll find the doc that teaches you how to create Memberships using the Sales Engine.

Note: Each Membership solution does this slightly differently, consult the documentation of your Membership plugin of choice.

Now, when creating a Course, Ebook, Offer, Video with eLearnCommerce or when creating a Learning Channel using the Personalized Learning Module, a metabox or a number of boxes will will show on the right hand sidebar column.

Each Membership Plugin will add different Metaboxes.

These metaboxes allow you to:

1.: protect your eLearnCommerce content and learning Channels,

2.: assign it to specific Memberships and

3.: set the Sell Links ie. URL's to the sales Pages of each Membership and to

4.: customize the Sell text that will be visible on the frontend on each Content Item.

The way it works is that if users do not own the Content, the content item will be greyed out on the frontend and if they click the button they will be redirected to sales page of the Membership as you've set it up in the backend.

Once they purchased and upgraded their Membership Plan they will be able to access all of the Content and/or the Learning Channels which are part of the Membership.

Learn How to Upsell your Courses and Content within your Membership site here

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