To access WordPress users need an account. 

To create an account they'll need to enter the following details upon signup:

1.: First Name
2.: Last Name
3.: Email
4.: Username
5.: Password

Using the Express authentication Shortcode new or existing members can easily create an account or log back in by just entering their email address.

This enables you to enormously speed up the signup process.

You can embed the Express Authentication signup form anywhere on your WordPress.

This is how you set this up:

Step 1: Start by creating a new WordPress Page.

a.: Click 1.: Pages, then click 2.: All Pages -> 3.: Add New

b.: Name the page

c.: Click the 1.: eLearnCommerce Icon then select 2.: Miscellaneous -> 3.: Authentication form

d.:  Select 1.: Express - Login & Register then 2.: Use ShortCode then click PUBLISH

Further shortcode options explained

Success Type: enables you to establish what happens after the user is logged in. 

You can choose to 1: refresh the page or 2: redirect the user to another page/url.

if you choose to redirect the user, insert the the page link into the URL field.

Lead Segment: If you'd like to track and view stats for this specific authentication form name your Lead Segment.

The 3 step signup process frontend view and walk-through

Step 1.: User will add his Email address then click Request Magic Link.

Successfully message will appear or he's redirected to a Page of your choosing.

Step 2.: If the User is new he gets an account creation confirmation email.

The email contains: 

1.: the URL of the Platform he signed up for
2.: the email he used during signup
3.: an automatically generated Password
4: a one click access link.

If the User already had an account on your platform he will get an express login link.

Step 3: Clicking the Click here link will automatically log the User into the Platform and redirect him wherever you've chosen to redirect him.

In this case we did redirect the user to his Learner Profile.

Further signup options explained


If you're using a tag-based email marketing service like ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Aweber,, Mailchimp etc. and would like to apply a tag to each new signup or login then Go to eLearnCommerce > Settings > Learner Engagement > Onboarding and enter the tag.

Button Text Editing

You can edit the Text on the Express Authentication signup form.

Go to your eLearnCommerce Dashboard, click 1.: Settings then click 2.: Auth Options

Scroll down until you see Form Field and Actions from there you can edit the Express Login text. Then click Save Changes when you're done

Signup Confirmation Email Editing

You can edit the email which arrives after users signup or sign in to your Platform.

Go to your eLearnCommerce Dashboard, click 1.: Settings then click 2.: Auth Emails

Scroll down until you see the Express Authentication - Register, here you can edit the email and optionally use the available ShortCodes. Then click Save Changes when you're done

You are all set!

See how easy it is to use this Shortcode:

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