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In this short Execution Plan I am going to teach you how to setup and use the powerful Drip Feed & Content Timing Features you get with eLearnCommerce.

The 1st eLearning Platform for Wordpress that is so intuitive and simple in its use that anyone from Novice to Tech Guru is able to use it IMMEDIATELY.

Ok, Ready?

Within each Course, you create with eLearnCommerce you are able to deliver or restrict access to your Content ie. Sections and Lessons according to a schedule you set.

What can you do with this?

1.: You can sequentially deliver Sections, Modules, and Lesson to your Students on a preset schedule which means that you determine when you want your Content to become available to them.

2.: You can also restrict access to Sections, Modules, and Lesson on a preset schedule which means that you can
give Students a time limit to go thru your Content.

We also added another powerful timing feature for you which we called “Notify“.

3.: You can also set a time and date within which your Student needs to go thru the Section, Module or Lesson and if he does not follow thru you as the admin will receive a notification about it in your eLearnCommerce Statistics Dashboard.

You can mix and match all 3 of these timing features within the same Section, Module or Course as well.

Your Students do not have to enroll in a Course for the timing to start, the timing starts as soon as they view the Course for the first time.

Having full control over the delivery modalities of your Content makes this feature extremely powerful.

Yes, you can setup a course with x number of lessons and make the first lesson available right away and make the second and third available one day, one week or any other time frame after the course was viewed for the first time.

>You do not need a Membership Plugin for this.<<

>This is a native feature of eLearnCommerce.<<

Now let me show you how easy we made it for you to set this up.

Let’s do this together.

How to setup the Timed Delivery of Sections and Lessons of your Courses.

a.: How to activate the Course Timing

b.: The Available Course Options

Delivery Method

The Delivery Method is very similar to how Drip Feeding Works, allowing you to set a delay until a section, module or lesson is delivered within a course, from the point the student has first accessed the course.

Restricted After

The ‘Restricted After’ is a reversed Drip Feeding, allowing you to set a limit for a section, module or lesson to be available within a course, from the point the student has first accessed the course.

c.: Types of delivery

Use Cases #1

Delivering Students 1 Lesson Per Day from moment of purchase.

1: Select ‘Dripped’

2: Select which day you want the material available.

Keep in mind that 1 day means the user has to wait 24 hours since he's started to have access to the lesson.

Use Cases #2

Delivering Students First Lesson on a Specific Date.

1: Select ‘Specific Date’

2: Select start date of course from the calendar.

Use Cases #3

Make material available immediately but restrict access on a specific date.

A combination of both timing features is powerful if you want to lead your students through a firm schedule.If for example you want to start a course on a Specific Date with Section 1, Drip each lesson of Section 1 on a daily basis, then Restrict Access to Section 1 at the end of the week, and open Section 2.

1: Set your Section Timings.

2: Set your Lesson Timings

For more in-depth guide on Timing Functionality Click Here

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