In this brief guide i'll show you how to install eLearnCommerce Lite on your WordPress.

You've already downloaded the eLearnCommerce Lite zip file to your Computer.


Step 1.: Upload the eLearnCommerce Zip onto your Wordpress.

Go to your Wordpress Dashboard and Click Plugins >> Add New

Step 2.: On the next screen click Upload Plugin

Step 3.: Upload the eLearnCommerce Lite zip file by clicking Choose File 

Step 4.: Click Choose File then locate the eLearnCommerce Lite Zip file on your computer and then Click Install Now.

Step 5.: Once you successfully installed eLearnCommerce click Activate Plugin

Step 6.: After successful installation, you can now start building your first course using eLearnCommerce Lite.

Note: In the event that you want to go independent, hover over to EC Lite then click upgrade

How to install eLearnCommerce Lite Video Guide 

Join our Community meet other Course and Platform Builders and Access the How to use eLearnCommerce Lite Video Guide here.

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