The Course Recommendation ShortCode enables you to place text links anywhere on your WordPress site and eLearnCommerce Platform

You can find these short codes by navigating to

1.: Elements
> 2.:Miscellaneous    

a.: User Has Course Recommendation
b.: User Recommendation Title

c.: User Recommendation link

a.: User Has Course Recommendation: You can put a text before the link of your course.

This shortcode will show the learner the most recent Course he started without completing it.

If there is nothing to recommend because no course was started it will gather purchase data from the eLearnCommerce sales engine and express a recommendation based on the most recent purchase.

b.: User Recommendation Title: If you want to recommend a specific course, this shortcode will show a course title text link on the front end.

c.: User Recommendation Link: If you just want to put a simple link text pointing to the recommended course.

In the following example we'll use all 3 shortcodes: 

Short Code View a,b&c

This is how it looks on the frontend.

This shortcode can be used together with the advanced index page shortcode.
which will show Images instead of text links,

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