You can use assignments to challenge students' understanding and assess competency by creating assignments.

The eLearnCommerce Assignments leverage the exact same architecture of the Assessments, in fact Assignments are an Assessment Type.

Assignments work exactly like assessments meaning you can add them after courses, lessons, sections or modules and embed them anywhere on your platform using the assessment shortcode. 

Step1: Create an Assignment

To create an assignment go to elearnCommerce -> All Assessments -> Add New Assessment -> Choose Assignment from the drop down menu under Type.

1.: Name your assignment  
2.: Select Type : Assignment
3.: Add an Assignment description
4.: Add your assignment questions

You can create assignments by using the following question types:

  • Essay: Allows your students to write and submit an essay as the answer to your question.
  • Single Answer: Multiple choice question with a single alternative as the correct answer.
  • Multiple Answer: Multiple choice question with multiple alternatives as the correct answer.
  • Single Select: Multiple choice question where your students can select one option from a drop-down as the correct answer.
  • Text Match: Your students can enter text as a response and it needs to match a pre-set text entered.
  • File Upload: Your students need to upload a file to answer the question.
  • Rating Scale: Students will answer by choosing a number from 1 to 10.
  • Quill Editor: Enables you to add a text editor with text formatting and multiple file uploading capability which your students can use to complete the assignment.

Clicking the eye icon on each question type will reveal a text field and a question weight drop down.

You can use the text field to add text, pictures, videos, youtube and Vimeo links and any kind of media or Oembed.

Question weight explained:

The purpose of weight is simply for internal scoring purposes in the stats, and is to be used in advanced scenarios only.

When an assessment is being reviewed, all questions with a weight of minimum 1 need to be correct for it to be considered ‘completed’, if certain questions can be failed, and not be check-marked as correct by the reviewer, they should be weighted with a 0 value.


In our example we created a 3 question assignment using Free Text, Quill Editor and Essay Question Type.

Students can both submit and save answers.

They'd save answers if they wanted to come back to it later and continue. 

Once a Student will "Submit Answers" 1, the assignment will change status into: The assignment is currently being reviewed, as seen on 2.

Step 2: Review Assignments

1.: Click eLearnCommerce
Go to Statistics
Go to Assessment Submissions
Click All and you'll see a list of all assignments you need to review.
5.: Click Analyze to review each assignment


1.: Check the box if the answer is correct on each question
2.: Click Review Assessment
to conclude the review process. 

Your students will be notified via e-mail once your done reviewing it.

Note: If you want to create an exchange and Conversation between you and the student regarding the assignments, we suggest you create a conversation on a learning channel using the PLM (Personalized Learning Module).

How to edit the notification e-mail my students are going to receive?

1.: Click Settings
Under Course Page click on Assessments.

3.: Edit the Manual Review Notification Email.

You're all set!

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