Find Video Guide at the end of the step by step doc.

Step 1: Activate Assessments and Member Magnet

1.: Go to eLearnCommerce > Settings
2.: General > Content Options
3.: Click Assessments

4.: Enable Member Magnet

Step 2: Create Assessment

1.: Go to eLearnCommerce All Assessments
2.: Click New Assessment

3.: Add Assessment Title
4.: Choose Simple Scoring
5.: Click Disable Score Display

6.: Setup your Success page

Note: this is where you put a button that chains to the next assessments

7.: Setup your Questionnaires 

8.: Enable Member Magnet

9.: Use Register as Default View

Publish your Assessment!

Repeat Step2 until you have all the assessments you want to build

Note: don't do 8 and 9 (for this example don't do it on Checkup Lead 2 - 5

Step 3: Create Free Membership

1.: Go to eLearnCommerce > Membership

2.: Click Add Membership

3.: Add Membership Name

4.: Use Free Access

5.: Choose Distraction Free Checkout

6.: Paste your Profile Page on Custom Delivery Page

Publish your Membership!

Step 4: Create Assessments Tab

1.: Go to eLearnCommerce > Personalize Learning

2.: Click Add Learning Channel

3.: Add Learning Channel Name
4.: Activate Team Diagnose Manager
5.: Include the following users in the metric
6.: Setup your Team Diagnose Data Points
7.: Choose Automated
8.: Choose Group
9.: Choose Free Membership

Publish your Assessment Tab!

Step 5: Connect your Free Membership to your Checkup Lead Magnet Result Page

1.: Create New Page Add Title
2.: Assign the you Free Membership 

3.: Publish your page
4.: Get your Page ID found on the URL

on this case its 121

5.: Copy this code:

.page-id-000 .right-section,.page-id-000 .wpep-navigation-bar-container,.page-id-000 .wpep-sales-engine-title {
display:none !important;

.page-id-000 .left-section{
max-width:100% !important;

 .page-id-000 .wpep-sales-engine-description {
margin-bottom:10px !important;

 .page-id-000 .wpep-sales-engine-wrapper .left-container:after, .wpep-sales-engine-wrapper .left-section:after {
border-right:none !important;

change 000 to your own page ID
e.g .page-id-121

6.: Paste the code on your custom css field

7. Publish it
8.: Copy the page URL you've created

9.: Go to your Last Assessment.. in this case its Checkup Lead 5

10.: Create a button using EC shortcode and paste your Free Membership URL

Update it!

and you're DONE!!!

See Video Guide here:


Question: Why do i need to create several assessments in one Team Checkup Lead Magnet?

Answer: Because the result of your Lead Magnet will be a radial chart like the one in the picture below.

Each spoke on the radial chart = 1 assessment

if you do not create a number of assessments your radial chart has no spokes.

in a perfect world you want to have your team checkup lead magnet to correspond and cover all the "areas" your team training course library goes into.

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