Before you can integrate Infusionsoft with eLearnCommerce you need to install the latest Version of the Infusionsoft integration Addon on your WordPress Site.

You need at least eLearnCommerce Version 1.12 and Version 1.0 of the eLearnCommerce Infusionsoft Integration Addon.

To set up the integration, follow these steps:

1 - Navigate to eLearnCommerce -> Settings

2 - Click Infusionsoft Integration under Addon Settings

3 - Enter your Infusionsoft Client Key

4 - Enter your Infusionsoft Client Secret

5 - Enter your API Code

6 - Enter your app URL

7 - Enter your API Token

8 - Enter your API Token EOL

You're all set! 

When Building your Course or creating any type of Content with eLearnCommerce, you will now be presented with the option to enter your Infusionsoft tags. Tagging ability is added to your Course Sections & Modules and Assessments as well. 

With this Addon + eLearnCommerce you'll be able to:

  • - Tag a Student when he completes a Lesson.
  • - Tag a Student when he completes a Section or Module.
  • - Tag a Student when he completes a Course.
  • - Tag a Student when his Assessment Status is: Pending.
  • - Tag a Student when his Assessment Status is: Pending Review.
  • - Tag a Student when his Assessment Status is: Completed.
  • - Tag a Student when he Failed the Assessment.

The eLearnCommerce Infusionsoft Addon will synchronize all tags you create in your Infusionsoft Account and offer you to optionally auto-complete them upon text entry.

If you're an Advanced User and/or eLearning Platform Developer we’ve added a General Class that allows you to easily add more tags.

This Addon includes an Infusionsoft eLearnCommerce Connection Safeguard and will track and alert you in case of connection errors.

NOTE: This integration leverages and is built to work with the latest Infusionsoft Rest API.

If you need to tag upon purchase and you're using Stripe we suggest you use zapier and connect Infusionsoft and Stripe using this zap.

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