Before you can integrate WooCommerce Memberships with eLearnCommerce you need to install:

  1. eLearnCommerce
  2. WooCommerce
  3. The latest Version of the eLearnCommerce WooCommerce Memberships integration Addon 
  4. WooCommerce Memberships Addon 

To integrate the two systems, follow these steps:

1 - Navigate to eLearnCommerce -> Settings.

2 - Click WooCommerce Integration under Addon Settings.

3 - Enter your eLearnCommerce License Key.

4 - Check to box if you'd like to disable up-sells or leave it unchecked to enable it.

5 - Enter a default redirect link

6 - Enter the text for the Buy Now Button.

7 - Click Save Changes

You're all set! The default settings will work beautifully if you sell all your content through one sales page.

Now, when creating a course, you will see the WooCommerce Memberships options Metabox on the sidebar while you edit any type of Content with eLearnCommerce.

By default, you will see the Sell Link and Sell Text you defined in the Default Redirect Link and Buy Now Button fields in the step above. But you can edit that in a per content type bases if you have different sales pages on your website for each course.

Insert the Sales Page URL into the Sell Link field above to link the course to the page.

Use Case: If you sell 2 – 3 – 4 Courses, Ebooks, Videos or Offers on your eLearning Platform you will have a number of Sales Pages for each one.

If users do not own the Content this is the Page they will be redirected to once they click the Start Course Button on the Course Cover.

Now go create massive value!

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