7 Steps Quick Setup (Video Guide)

Setup Private Messaging:

Step 1.: Install Private Messaging

Step 2.: Activate Private Messaging License Key

note: if you are a bundle holder you don't need to do this step

Step 3.: Enable Reaction, Direct URL's, Mentions
a.: Go to your eLearnCommerce Dashboard >> Discussions

b.: Enable Reaction
c.: Change Default Reaction
d.: Add/Remove Reactions

e.: Enable Direct URL's

f.: Enable Mentions

Step 4.: Setup Public/Private Profile
a.: Go to your eLearnCommerce Dashboard >> Public Profile

b.: Enable Public Profile
c.: Change Default Setting to Public or Private Profile
d.: Allow Switching

Step 5.: Create User Profile Page
a.: Create a Page
b.: Add User Profile Page Shortcode
c.: Publish Page


Setup Private Messaging with Personalized Learning Module:

Just do Step 1 -5 above

Step 6.: Create 1:1 or Group Conversation on your Learner Profile
a.: Go to your WordPress Dashboard >> eLearnCommerce >> Personalize Learning
b.: Click Add Learning Channel

Step 7: Create 1:1 or Group Conversation
a.: Channel Name
b.: Change Access Rules: Manual, Automated, Open (Free)
c.: Change Conversation Type: 1:1 or Group
d.: Publish your Channel


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