I would like to use a shop plugin "WooCommerce.

This is not only for the eLearnCommerce courses, but also for other articles.

I do have a few questions before I start.

1. Does WooCommerce have to be installed on the same WordPress installation? I guess, not.

2. If not, might this be even better for maintenance reasons to install WooCommerce on a subdomain or any other domain? If I do so, is this easy or what do I have to pay attention to? Something special to consider?

3. Any recommendations for the domain question?


The principle is that you want to separate “selling” from “publishing.” The bigger your site gets in terms of complexity of architecture, the more essential it is to have these two different functions separated. 

Think of the products and sales as being on one domain/main/subdomain, and information delivery and article publishing on a separate domain/main/subdomain.

If you would like to use WooCommerce to sell products, it is best to setup EC + WC on a subdomain and all related blogs items and the landing pages on the main domain. 

As your site grows, you will have more stability and long-term flexibility. Keeping them separate allows you to customize each based on their very different needs, which is essential to scaling them during periods of growth. 

Only install what you need on each domain to support the functionalities and requirements needed for that specific install of WordPress. You should have eLearnCommerce and WooCommerce on the same WordPress installation.

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