How does 'Drip day doesn’t require a 24 hour cycle' work? . I start the course today at 14:00, I’ll get access to Course B at 00:00, and it will be placed in the ‘Today’ part of the Stream'.

However in the articles section where it outlines Using the Timing Functionality which is inside the course, it says 'Keep in mind that 1 day means the user has to wait 24 hours since he's started to have access to the lesson'.

Just to be clear if I use the Timing Functionality is it a 24 hour wait from first accessing the module and if I use the Content Stream Timing Functionality it's not 24-hours from first accessing the module, it will appear as the next day starts at 00:00. 

I have one module that I want t give instant acces to. This module is a pre-programme set up so it can take the student a day or maybe even 3 days to complete. Once they have completed the set up module I then want them to move on to day 1 of the programme with day 2 following on the next day. 

If the set up module is set to 'instant access' what would day 1 be set to? 

Would be instant access also to activate the sequence with day 2 following the next day or would it be set day 1?


The Timing functionality will actually work like the content stream if you use "1 day", if you want to make it mandatory to wait 24 hours, you can use the Advanced by Seconds drip functionality.

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