You can easily create a Preview Course or Trial Lessons using the Preview Course shortcode.

To create a preview course or trial lessons:

1.: Go to any existing Course and click on "Course Preview" below the Course Title.

2.: On the popup that opens, choose the Lessons you want to make available in the course preview under Available Lessons. Then choose how you'd like your preview to appear, as an Execution Plan, Learn Map, or Standard Course.

3.: Once you are ready, click Copy & Close and paste it anywhere on your WordPress.

The lessons you've selected are now available for preview and can be opened, while the others cannot.

This is how it looks in an Execution Plan:

This is how it looks in the Standard Course Section Overview

This is how it behaves in the Standard Course sidebar lesson overview

A few important things to note:

If you do not select any Lessons and make them available for preview the whole course will be "blocked".

If you add any new lessons to your Course in the future, they will not be available for preview by default.

You can create Preview Courses and Trial Lessons for Execution Plans, Standard Courses, and Learn Maps.

You can also place a Purchase Button anywhere on your WordPress Site using any Membership Plugin eLearnCommerce integrates with or the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine, and once the user buys the Course they will be able to access all other Lessons as well.

To know more about eLearnCommerce's Visual Shortcode Builder, learn more

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