Hi, My Name is Corrado Izzo and I am the CEO of CodeisCode.com.

In this Execution Plan, I am going to teach you how you can set up a fully fledged Membership Site and eLearning Platform in less than 5 Minutes using eLearnCommerce + the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Addon.

What is eLearnCommerce?

eLearnCommerce is the 1st eLearning Platform for WordPress that is so intuitive in its use that anyone from Novice to Tech Guru is able to use it IMMEDIATELY.

eLearnCommerce is Quick, Easy and Simple to use and implement and when I say quick I am talking minutes quick….learning curve included.

If you're a little familiar with WordPress then using eLearnCommerce will be a NON-Issue for you.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I run Live Training Courses and Seminars but going Online began with a huge issue.

The Issue was that I found no solution out there that would give me the Power of being able to create and deploy Membership Sites & Portals, E-Learning Platforms and Online Courses in just a few minutes on my own WordPress.

All I found took too long to learn & required skills I did not have.

It was all so unnecessarily complicated.

And I love simple so much that encountering complicated and for that matter unnecessarily complicated yielded nothing else than frustration for me.

But I didn't give up and I continued trying and trying and trying...

And so after I spent days and weeks trying to figure out how to accomplish that with all the available solutions out there without success and motivated by my deep frustration I decided to build a tool from scratch myself exactly the way I wanted it to work.

What do I want?

I want Quick…I want Low Hassle…I want it to work Immediately…I want it to be Intuitive…

I don’t want to learn a completely new way of doing things…. I don’t want to hire and pay for a Technology Guru to make it work and I want it to do only the one thing I need very well and in a very focussed way leaving out all the other unnecessary stuff which I am not going to use anyway.

I want a simple tool that stays simple in its use even if I have to Setup a project which is more complex in nature.

The idea was born to create eLearnCommerce.

A Membership Site Elearning Platform for WordPress anyone can use and setup >> Immediately <<.

There is no type of Membership Site or E-Learning Portal that you cannot build with eLearnCommerce.

eLearnCommerce is a scalable LMS Solution like no other on the Market out there.

Do you want to Market Your Knowledge and Sell Courses Online?

Do you want to create an E-Learning Platform for your University or School, for your High Traffic Blog or Membership Site or do you just want to sell 1 Course on your Website?

You can use eLearnCommerce to create everything from the most simple to the most complex Membership Site & E-Learning Platform on your WordPress.


What tech is required to create a Membership Site eLearning Platform with eLearnCommerce on your WordPress?

The Basic Elements required to create a Membership Site and/or E-Learning Platform with eLearnCommerce on your WordPress are the following:

WordPress + Hosting + WP Theme + WordPress Membership Plugin + eLearnCommerce

Depending on the complexity of your Project the Elements required to create it might be more or less but the Simplicity and Speed in Online Course Publishing and eLearning Platform Setup that eLearnCommerce gives you will always be the constant that carries through all your day to day tasks once you’ve set it all up.

Before we get to it let me make absolutely clear that eLearnCommerce was conceived from the start to play well with all Premium WordPress Membership Site Plugins out there.

eLearnCommerce integrates and works with ALL OF THEM.

We recommend using S2 Member, Wishlist Member, and Memberpress and if you use Infusionsoft in your business we recommend using Memberium.

In Very Many Cases though using a Membership Plugin is overkill especially if you're just starting out or if all you want is to get your Courses and Content Online and start Selling them in a matter of a few minutes.

That's why we created the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Addon.

You see!

Membership Plugins require more or less advanced Tech Skills so you either acquire these skills by learning how these Plugins work or you hire someone that sets things up for you.

If you're not an Expert it will cost you money to buy an experts' time so that he sets it up for you or it will cost you your time if you add a Membership Plugin into your Tech Stack when creating your Membership Site because you have to learn how it works and how to use it.

If you're an Expert we've got you covered as eLearnCommerce integrates and plays well with ALL WordPress Membership Plugins.

If you're NOT an Expert I want you to STOP a moment and think about this:

Do you want to spend weeks and months stumbling in the dark paying lots of money to Technicians & Consultants and try things out on your own without seeing the end of it?

No, it's no Marketing talk!

I see this everyday where people are still there, struggling to set their Site up 2 - 3 - 4 months later without realizing the cost of such an inefficient approach.

You know how much money that costs?

I am not talking about the money that you pay to Technicians, developers & consultants, etc.

That's not the main cost!

The main cost is the money you don't make while dedicating the most precious resource you have as an Entrepreneur, your time, in doing a task that instead of eating up weeks and months could be off the table in like 5 minutes.

It's insanity yes!

People waste up to 5 months of their valuable time when they could get the job done in 5 minutes.

So let me ask you again!

Do you want to spend weeks and months stumbling in the dark paying lots of money to Technicians & Consultants and try things out on your own without seeing the end of it?


Do you want me to show you how you can setup your eLearning Platform and Membership Site in less than 5 minutes and start Selling your Courses in no time?

If your answer is yes let's continue...

So let me repeat what this Execution Plan is all about.

In this Execution Plan I will teach you how to setup a fully-fledged Membership Site and Elearning Platform in under 5 Minutes using:

WordPress + eLearnCommerce + the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Addon (Learn more about the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Addon) + Your favourite Premium WordPress Theme.

Are you ready?

Let's do this!

What you need to execute upon this

To execute upon what i am about to teach you, you'll need:

  1. A domain with WordPress installed on it.
  2. Your Premium WordPress theme of choice installed. (Divi, Thrive Themes, X Theme or any other Premium Theme)
  3. eLearnCommerce installed.
  4. The eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Addon installed. ( Learn More about the Sales Engine )
  5. A few minutes of your time.

That's all you need to create your Membership Site Elearning Platform and start selling your Courses and Content in a few minutes from now.

WordPress+eLearnCommerce+eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Addon = Membership Site Setup in less than 5 minutes

What does the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Addon enable you to accomplish?

The eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Addon enables you to easily:

  1. Sell Access to and Create Memberships.
  2. Sell Access to Your Courses.
  3. Sell Any Content you created within eLearnCommerce like Ebooks and Videos.
  4. Sell Access to any Content you created on your Wordpress Site like Posts, Pages and any Custom Post Type.

Learn More about all the Various Content Types you can create with eLearnCommerce here.

The Great thing with the Sales Engine is that the New Member Signup and the Checkout Process during which your New Members ie. Customers pay you are actually grouped into one single process.

As soon as someone buys from you his Membership Account is being created at the same time as well.

A Returning Customer that already bought and signed up with you can now buy further Items with a single Click.

New Member Signup and Checkout Process Explained - The eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Sales Funnel

The eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Sales Funnel is composed of 3 Steps.

Step 1.: The Product Sales Page - You can create your own Sales Page like in the image below or start selling immediately from within your eLearning Platform using the Native eLearnCommerce Course Index Page built with eLearnCommerce.

Step 2.: Checkout Page & Process - The New Member Signup and Checkout Process during which your New Members ie. Customers signup and pay you are grouped into one single process.

Step 3.: Product View Page - After your Customer went thru the Signup and Purchase Process he will be able to access the Courses and Content he just bought from you.

Option 1.: Using a Product Sales Page you created using any WordPress Page Builder or Landing Page Application.

Option 2.: Using the Native eLearnCommerce Course Index Page.

There are many other options on how to design that first Step in the Sales Funnel but for now, these two different Sales Funnel Models will enable us to comprehend all the options that are available to us.

Let's carry on!

The Checkout Pages are fully responsive and look awesome on any mobile device.

Step 1 of the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine New Member Signup and Checkout Process

Step 2 of the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine New Member Signup and Checkout Process

You can use the following Payment Processors with the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine: Paypal, Braintree, and Stripe.

NOTE: All Text and Content within Red Boxes are editable in the backend settings.

Let's continue!

First things First!

The Sales Engine enables you to accept payments using either Paypal, Stripe or Braintree. If you do not have an account with one of these Online Payment Providers go ahead and create your Account now before proceeding with this Execution Plan.

After you've successfully setup your Account Follow the steps outlined below to setup your payment gateway in the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Addon.

NOTE! The Sales Engine allows you to use only 1 Payment Gateway at any given time.

Setup Your Payment Gateway in the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine.

On your 1.: eLearnCommerce Dashboard click on 2.: Settings then click 3.: Sales Engine > 4.: Payment Gateway > Save Changes

STOP FOR A MOMENT - TO CONTINUE YOU NEED TO MAKE A CHOICE! Answer the following Question to proceed on your Learning Path, choose your answer from the Drop Down Menu below 

Using the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine do you want to…

Introduction: Sales Engine Addon Memberships Explained

Ok, so you want to Sell Access to your Memberships?

Before I guide you Step by Step on how to create and setup Memberships in the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine...

Let’s start by defining what Memberships are.

A Membership in the Sales Engine, in essence, is any type of Content you created on your Wordpress Site and/or with eLearnCommerce grouped into and sold as a bundle or package.

The Sales Engine basically enables you to Create & Sell the Access to these Packages.

These so called "Packages" are your Memberships.

You can name each package when you create your memberships as you see fit.

You could, for example, call your Content Packages: Gold, Silver, Platinum for example.

The Gold Package could contain 2 Courses, 1 Post on your Blog, access to a specific Page on your WP Site, an Ebook, A Video and so on and so forth.

You got the idea, right?

You can manually add Courses and any type of Content to these packages after they were purchased as well.

All you need to do is after you first created your Memberships, navigate to any Course, Post or Page on your WordPress Site and assign that Content to your Membership of Choice.

Easy Enough?



If you just wanted to sell a Single Course or a Single Content Item against a One Time Payment...

If you have a number of Courses but want to sell them individually against a One Time Payment please go back and choose "Sell Courses" from the Dropdown Menu.

If you wanted to put together Packages of Various Types of Content like Courses, Ebooks, Videos, Posts, Pages etc. like i just explained then Proceed on this Learning Path and follow the steps below to Learn how to Setup and Sell Access to your Memberships using the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine.

One last thing!

Always Remember....This is going to be awesome 

Let's get your Memberships Setup now!

Step1: How to Create A Membership

1.: Go to your Wordpress Dashboard and Click eLearnCommerce >> Settings
Click Add Membership

3.: Give your Membership a Name (Gold, Silver, Platinum etc.)

4.: Enter how much you want to charge for your Membership.

5.: Choose your Membership Payment Frequency. Do you want to charge your Customer once, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?

6.: Choose Your Payment Processor. (You can select: Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Thrivecart, Samcart, Sendowl and Paykickstart.)

7.: Insert Your Checkout Process Sidebar Content Text. This is the Text that your Customer will see on the right-hand side of the Screen during the Account Registration and Checkout Phase. You want to insert Text that tells your Customer what he is actually getting/buying from you, here you can also outline your Money Back Guarantee or anything else that you'd like to communicate to your customer the moment before he pays you.

8.: Insert your Purchase Summary Text. This is the Text that your Customer will read before clicking on the last Step of the Purchase & Checkout Process.

9.: Insert a short Description for your Membership listing what it contains. 

10.: Insert your Purchase Thank You Message

9.: Insert your Welcome Message for returning Members and/or Customers. This is the Message your Members will see at the top of their Members Area which they will automatically access after having purchased your Membership.

IMPORTANT! If you are selling NON eLearnCommerce Content like access to Blog Posts or Pages on your WordPress insert links that will redirect your Member to this Content here in this Text. 

10 .: Copy & Paste your Autoresponder HTML code and your new Subscribers will be automatically subscribed to your list during the Purchase Process.

11.: Hit Publish! you're done! 

Step2: How to Add a Course or Content to your Membership

1.: On the Course Edit Page go to the Sales Engine Membership Section and Assign the Course to the Membership by choosing it from the DropDown Menu.
2.: Click Update

What else can you Add to your Membership & Sell using the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine?

The Sales Engine enables you to Add Videos & Ebooks you created with eLearnCommerce to your Memberships and Sell Access to these Content Types using the Sales Engine.

To learn more about these two Content Types you can publish and sell using eLearnCommerce + The eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Click Here for Videos and Click Here for Ebooks.

You can even add Posts and Pages your created on your WordPress to your Memberships as well.

If you want to Add eLearnCommerce Videos and Ebooks to a Membership and sell it using the Sales Engine just go thru the same exact settings we just made for adding eLearnCommerce Courses to a Membership.

The Sales Engine gives you a clear at a glance overview of all the Content you've assigned to a Membership here:

NOTE: Follow this same exact process to add any Type of Content from your WordPress Site be it Posts or Pages to a Membership.

Step3: How to Sell Access to your Membership
1.: Go to your Edit Membership Page and copy the Permalink URL of the Membership you created to your Clipboard.

2.: You can now use any type of WordPress Page Builder to create your Landing and/or Offer or Sales Page to sell Access to Your Membership, you could also use an external Tool like Leadpages.net or just write a BlogPost on your WordPress Blog and set a Hyperlink using the Permalink URL of your Membership.

If you decide to use a Page Builder all you need to do is to Paste the Permalink URL of your Membership behind a Buy Button which when clicked will redirect the User to the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Member Signup and Checkout Process.

Note: A returning Customer or Member will be invited to Log back in upon click.

This is how the Sales Funnel for your Membership is structured:

So, to sell your Membership you need to create a Product Sales Page.

You can also use an External NON-WordPress Tool Like Leadpages.net or any other solution that allows you to create Sales or Landing Pages.

You could also just place a Hyperlinked Text into a Wordpress Blog Post of yours and/or Ad Banner on your Site.

or use the eLearnCommerce Shortcode to display a Course Tab or a List of Course Tabs in a Post or Page like explained here

or use the eLearnCommerce Shortcode to create a Hero Section anywhere on your WordPress like explained here

Which way you choose depends on how you structured your Sales Funnel.

In this Course, I will illustrate two ways you can easily create a Product Sales Page step by step using two awesome Page Builders for WordPress.

1.) The Divi Builder and 2.) the Thrive Content Builder.

Video 1: How to Setup a Product Sales Page using the Thrive Content Builder Step by Step.

Video 2: How to Setup a Product Sales Page using the Divi Builder Step by Step.

IMPORTANT! If you are selling NON eLearnCommerce Content like access to Blog Posts or Pages on your WordPress you need to insert links to this EXTRA eLearnCommerce Content in your Membership Welcome Message.

You can set that Text on the Edit Membership Page. Go back to Step 1 of this Section to Lesson: How to Create a Membership and learn how.

How does Upselling work?

There is nothing easier than upselling Memberships to your Customers using eLearnCommerce as it handles all the Details for you.

Check this Screenshot:

Basically, all Courses that are part of the Membership Package that your Customer bought from you are accessible to him and the ones that are part of a Membership Package that he didn't buy yet are greyed out like the one Writer Course you see on the right-hand side in the image above.

When your Customer clicks the Learn More Button (you can customize the text on that button in the settings) he will be redirected eto a Product Sales Page you created for the Membership Package containing that course.

On that Sales Page, he can then proceed and Purchase the Membership Package containing the Course he was interested in buying.

Now bear with me here.

If you did not insert a URL pointing to a Product Sales Page for that "unavailable" Membership.

If a Course, Video, Ebook or Offer is protected by more than 2 Memberships.

Only in those two cases, your Customer will be automatically redirected to a Page which eLearnCommerce generates automatically for you that lists all of the available Memberships on your eLearning Platform that your Customer did not buy yet.

This Page lists all the Memberships your Customer does NOT own yet.

NOTE! This is a sort of Failsafe we've built in, you should have a Sales Page setup for every single Membership you're selling.

Simple enough?


We're done!

What if you'd wanted to Sell both Courses & Memberships?

How to Sell Courses and Memberships at the same time

The Answer to this Question is very simple but i require you to go thru and learn How to Sell Courses and Memberships using the Sales Engine first.

Ok, Ready?

Let's say you'd like to Sell A Membership containing Course A, B & C but you'd like to offer the possibility to your Customer to buy Course C individually against a One Time Payment.

In this case, you'd just create a Sales Page containing two Buy Buttons:

1.: Buy Membership (containing Course A, B, C) and on this button, you just add the Permalink to that Membership as we've learned earlier.

2.: Buy Course C and on this button, you just add the Permalink to that Course as we've learned earlier.

NOTE! To sell Courses and Membership at the same time you'll need to create a Product Sales Page on your WordPress or on any External Landing Page Builder like Leadpages.net for example.

An Invitation For You

Our Team is Your Team!

It is our Mission to enable anyone to create and setup an Online Education Platform on Wordpress and have it be Quick, Easy, Fast and make the process from idea to end result painless.

and therefore I'd like to invite you to our Private Members Only eLearnCommerce Implementation Support Group on Facebook.

The best way to get up and running with your Elearning Platform is to surround yourself with other eLearning Platform Developers, Information and Knowledge Marketers, Digital Marketers and Entrepreneurs of all walks of life that are all part of this Group.

Come and join us we're here to help you get up and running in no time.

All the best

Corrado Izzo
CEO - CodeisCode.com

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