This Shortcode enables you to place a Retake Assessment button anywhere on your eLearnCommerce Platform.

This is great if you want to give your students and members the option to freely decide to retake an assessment whenever they want. 

The button comes with 2 "automatic" states.

If they did not take the assessment yet the button will say: View Assessment

If they took the assessment already the button will say: Retake Assessment

To use the shortcode, click the eLearnCommerce icon in the WordPress editor and select Retake Assessment.

This will open the shortcode builder. You can then choose the parameters and insert the shortcode into the WordPress editor.

Shortcode: As you adjust the parameters, the shortcode will appear here.

Assessment: Choose the assessment you'd like to embed from the drop-down.

Customize the Retake and Take Assessment Call to Action Button Text.

Customize the Button Color the Button Text Color and Button Alignment.

Wrapper Options:

Width: Set the maximum width of the eLearnCommerce content.

Background: Set the background color of the course page.

Padding: Set the space around the content.

Shadow: Adjust the shadow of the content wrapper.

Once you are ready, click Use Shortcode to insert the shortcode into the editor.

NOTE: If you embedded more Assessments onto a Page via the Assessment Shortcode and want to enable your Students to retake multiple assessments repeatedly use the Retake Assessment Link Shortcode.

This will enable you to create a Retake Assessment Button and reset the progress for all Assessments if there are more embedded on the same page.

To know more about the eLearnCommerce Visual Shortcode Builder, click here.

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