Each Learning Channel on your eLearnCommerce Platform creates a Menu tab on the Learner Profile. If you create many Learning Channels it gets crowded very fast.

PLM Buckets enable you to create a Submenu by giving you the ability to organize Learning channels in buckets. 

This is how it looks:

This way, instead of getting each individual channel added to a profile, your students would get access to the buckets and the channels under them.

To configure this option:

1. Go to eLearnCommerce -> Personalized Learning.

2. Create a new channel or open the channel you want to add to the bucket.

3. Create the bucket under Tab Bucket on the right hand-side by entering a name for it. The Bucket is your Main Menu Point on the Learner Profile and the Learning Channel you place into the Bucket will appear as a SubMenu point. 

4. Now create / edit the other channels you want in that bucket.

You're all set!

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