Are you a beginner with WordPress, and currently working Solo?

This is NOT for you if you've been in the trenches and know WordPress like the back of your hand.

Only read this if you're a beginner and you've decided to walk it alone.


One of our Core Values finds expression in this one sentence: We're with you every step of the Way.

What does this mean?

It means that you're not on your own when setting your eLearning Platform up.

We value the personal touch a lot and we'll not hesitate to jump on a zoom call with you and assist you in going the last mile.

Yes at any moment we'll get on a call with you and answer your questions, remove doubts and fix any issues right there and then while we're on a live call together.

The end-result we want to produce together is getting your eLearning platform launch-ready.

You can request this call at any moment but let me give you a user manual of sorts for requesting this call.

Ok, ready?

1. Go it alone in the beginning.

There is a hidden self-deception mechanism that prevents us from getting "it" done. It makes us stop at the first or the second issue we encounter. This mechanism is a time-thief and in very many cases what happens is that we wake up weeks or months later and we're still there contemplating the unfinished.

Remove this obstacle by ignoring the issues you encounter.

Let me explain,

What you should do is look at the issue and try to resolve it and give it the time and attention it deserves, i am talking minutes not days or weeks.

If you cannot solve it forget the issue and move forward but most importantly: keep a clear list of all these issues, questions or doubts using your notepad on the mac or an online tool like Evernote or something similar.

Note it down ----> Then keep going!
Note it down ----> Then keep going!
Note it down ----> Then keep going!

Now let me give you a measure in order to help you be less generous with your time when giving your attention to issues you encounter.

Setting a very simple eLearning platform up that contains 3 to 5 courses and 3 to 6 ebooks, a tiny video archive and a very simple signup sequence or funnel takes 1 to 2 days.

Setting an online school up with 20+ Courses 25 ebooks, an extensive Video Archive and a more complex signup sequence or funnel takes 5 to 7 days max.

Now think about this the next time you spend 3 days or even a week to customize the CSS color of an arrow icon or some similar insignificant task.

Keep in mind: What takes the most time is adding your Content (Courses, Ebooks, Videos etc.) and that's why you should do that first.

Adding your Content is literally THE most important thing and should be your TOP PRIORITY.

2. Keep the eyes on the prize.

Your end destination is to have it all finished and setup
--->including all the issues, doubts & questions<---

Remember! Keep a clear log of your doubts, questions and issues but don't let them stop you in moving forward.

3. When to Play the stellar support card!

You can play it when your situation is the following:

- You're ready to launch next week or next month.

- You added all your Content/Courses/Ebooks/Videos etc.

- You went all the way yourself and set up your eLearning platform to the best of your knowledge using all the documentation on and by asking questions in the implementation support group or by writing us a support ticket (for technical issues).

- You have your list containing your questions, doubts and both the technical and/or strategical issues you encountered during setup at hand. (Mac Note pad or Evernote or similar)

Now you can request the call with us by writing us a support ticket.

We'll send you all the details to book the zoom call with us.

In less than one hour we'll remove the last blocks with you on the live call that normally and potentially could've robbed you of months of your life.

In most cases we can do that in one hour yes.

Insight: Very often it takes the same time and effort to resolve 1 issue than it takes to resolve ten issues of the same size.

Why? Because very often issues are concatenated and resolving 1 can mean resolving the other 9 at the same time.

taken 1 by 1 issues will steal your time, make you despair and make you wanna throw your computer at the wall!

Taking issues on, as a bunch is far more effective in terms of attention and time required.

Always keep that in mind if you can!

and remember...

We're with you every step of the way.

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