You can easily migrate your Courses and Content from your previous LMS to eLearnCommerce.

We support 1-Click Migrations from the following systems:

Thrive Apprentice

In order to migrate your content, follow these steps:

Note: on this example we will use LearnDash

1.: Go to eLearnCommerce > Platform Health
2.: Click Data System
3.: Click Start on Third Party Courses Migration

1.: Choose LMS you want to migrate
2.: Enter Section Title
3.: Choose Course Type
4.: Click Preview Import

5.: On this Area you will see how many courses will be imported
6.: Click Start Import

7.: View a Summary off all the courses you imported
8.: Click New Import if you want to import another course

If you go to your eLearnCommerce Course List you will see you imported Courses


Your content has been imported!

If you'd like to make a new import, just click the New Import button.

This process also migrates your categories. So if you have categories defined in your old LMS they will be migrated to eLearnCommerce categories.

It is not necessary, but it is recommended that you have the LMS plugin you're migrating from active while migrating.

You can also migrate your Membership Access Rules to eLearnCommerce and the Sales Engine. Learn how here.

Watch Video Guide here.

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