There are three phases to creating a Gamification Experience on your eLearnCommerce platform.

Phase I Design your Gamification Experience

Phase IICreate your Gamification Experience on your Platform

Phase III – Include a Leaderboard as part of your Gamification Experience.

Implementing gamification techniques on your learning platform is a wonderful way to keep your students engaged with your material and the community within your learning environment.

Leaderboards, until recently, predominantly utilized by the Gaming Community, are becoming a common feature on learning platforms. They are being utilized more and more on all types of platforms as they can be incredibly motivational.  And this is why you have decided to explore how to create a LeaderBoard on your own eLearnCommerce platform.

Here I will show you how to create a Leaderboard on your eLearnCommerce Platform step by step, using the three systems eLearnCommerce integrates with.




But before you jump into learning how to establish a Leaderboard on your platform, if you haven’t done so already, now is the perfect time to learn a little about the psychology behind learning. HOW we learn, WHY we do what we do WHEN we do it. 

As mentioned above, a Leaderboard can be incredibly motivating, and hence a powerful tool to offer your students.

On the flip side, if not created with your students journey to success as the main focus, a Leaderboard can have the exact opposite effect.

Your students will fall under two main categories of ‘players’ of your ‘game’. Those who:

Want to Win &

Don’t want to Lose.

Though subtle in nature, as the desired outcome for each student is ‘to win’, both will react very differently to the ‘reward’ structure of your game, which appears on your LeaderBoard.

As James P. Carse said in Finite and Infinite Games; “… whoever plays, plays freely.Whoever must play, cannot play.”

So, your students who play to ‘win’, are motivated intrinsically, and the presence of a LeaderBoard will be an encouragement to them, will give them the opportunity to publicly display their achievements, and share their success with others in your community and/or with their personal connections outside your platform utilizing a platform such as Facebook.

Your student however who plays to ‘not lose’ is playing for reasons not necessarily to win, but to be better than someone else.The Leaderboard CAN be an encouragement to them, but also gives them the public display of their achievements.If they are not happy with their achievements by comparison to others, this can be the impetus to STOP PLAYING. 

Remember, the easiest way to ensure you ‘do not lose’ is to not play! 

This is exactly what you as a course creator and the ‘Game Maker’ do NOT want to have happen. You do not want your students to give up for any reason, but want to encourage them to keep moving towards success.

Before exploring the creation of a Leader board, it is a good idea to have your Gamification Structure designed [Phase I] and created [Phase II] on your eLearnCommerce learning platform. 

Once your gamification process is in place, it is time to create your Leaderboard.

How you go about this, will depend upon which Gamification Plugin you are using. 

How to create a Leaderboards


The Leaderboard is a Paid Addon Feature
Documentation to configure 


Leaderboard Feature included

Used via WP Menu –> Appearance -> Widgets  


Leaderboard Feature is a paid Addon
Documentation to configure

How and Where to place Leaderboard?

Using your chosen software’s options you can embed your leaderboard using the provided short codes or widgets in different locations on your website.

  • Example locations include:

  • Your Students Learner Profile

  • Your Websites Right Hand Column

  • Your Websites Footer location

  • Navigation Menu pointing to any page on your website.

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