There are three phases to creating a Gamification Experience on your eLearnCommerce platform.

Phase I – Design your Gamification Experience, which we discuss here.

Phase II – Create your Gamification Experience on your Platform 

Phase III – Include a LeaderBoard as part of your Gamification Experience

Designing an Experience that appeals to your students and their desired outcomes is essential to the success of your Gamification efforts.

There are a number of steps to make.

  1. Form a Big Picture image of your ‘game’.

  2. Explore the capabilities of the three systems eLearnCommerce integrates with.

  • GamiPress 

  • WpAchievements

  • BadgeOS

3. Create a Game ‘Map’

Step 1: Form a ‘Big Picture’ image of your game by answering the following questions?

[This is not an exhaustive list, but a great place to start.]

  • What is the desired outcome? 

  • What journey do you want to take your student on?

  • What success MUST your students achieve to attain the desired outcome?

  • What success [information/courses] could be considered ‘bonus’ material? Fun and or good to have, but not necessary to your student’s success? 

  • How is the easiest and best way to show improvement?

  • Will your students ‘lose’ points for NOT doing something specifying?

  • Will your students ‘lose’ points FOR doing something? 

  • How many levels to your ‘Game’?

  • How can you allow your students to have ‘quick’ wins?

  • Will you display ALL players on a LeaderBoard, or perhaps just a few names positioned above and below the players name?

  • How will you communicate with your player when they are NOT playing, (will you incorporate e-mail communication)?

Step 2: Explore the capabilities of different Gamification Systems eLearnCommerce integrates with.

Once you have a good idea of the different elements you would like in your game, from answering the above questions, you can get more inspiration by exploring the capabilities of, and reading the documentation provided by, different Gamification Systems that integrate with your eLearnCommerce platform, and chose one that suits your requirements. 

They each have different elements to consider:

Point types, The Awarding or Deducting of points, Time Limits, Achievement Types, Achievement Steps, Rank Types, Rank Requirements, Leaderboard possibilities and desirable/available Addons

The three WordPress Plugins eLearnCommerce integrates with, are:




Step 3: Create a Game ‘Map’ 

Once you have decided upon the structure of your game, an excellent idea is to create a map of the progress from one ‘level’ of achievement to the next, by detailing the exact steps a student must execute. If you do this now, it will make the implementation of the structure [Phase II]  effortless.

An example of a game map structure offered on the GamiPress website looks like this.

Now that you have a clear roadmap to follow to create your system, it is time to get started on Phase II - the building of your Gamification System on your platform. 

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