The Sales Engine supports Subaccounts or Umbrella Accounts now.

This enables you to sell a training membership program to small businesses, teams, groups, and corporations.

The Subaccount owner can easily set up sub-accounts and grant and revoke access to people on his team, group or members of his organization.

In order to set it up, go to eLearnCommerce -> Settings and select Sub Accounts under Sales Engine. You have the following settings available:

1 - To enable this option, check the Enable Sub Accounts box.

2 - Check this box to prevent membership owners from giving access to email address with domains different than theirs.

3 - Check this box to allow membership owners to remove sub-accounts.

4 - Choose the title of the tab displayed in the profile.

5 - Choose the description to be displayed in the profile tab.

6 - Choose the text for the Overview option.

7 - Choose the text for the Give Access option.

8 - Choose the text for the Revoke Access option.

9 - Choose the text for the Remove Access option.

10 - Choose the text for the success on giving access notification.

11 - Choose the text for the error on giving access notification.

12 - Choose the text for the give access to restricted domain notification.

13 - Enter the title of the email notification.

14 - Enter the content of the email notification.

15 - Enter the text for the password already set notification.

Click Save Changes.

You are all set!

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