The Sales Engine supports Subaccounts or Umbrella Accounts now.

This enables you to sell a training membership program to small businesses, teams, groups, and corporations.

The Subaccount owner can easily set up sub-accounts and grant and revoke access to people on his team, group or members of his organization.

In order to set it up, go to eLearnCommerce -> Settings and select Sub Accounts under Sales Engine. You have the following settings available:

1 - To enable this option, check the Enable Sub Accounts box.

2 - Check this box to prevent membership owners from giving access to email address with domains different than theirs.

3 - Check this box to allow membership owners to remove sub-accounts.

4 - Choose the title of the tab displayed in the profile.

5 - Choose the description to be displayed in the profile tab.

6 - Choose the text for the Overview option.

7 - Choose the text for the Give Access option.

8 - Choose the text for the Revoke Access option.

9 - Choose the text for the Remove Access option.

10 - Choose the text for the success on giving access notification.

11 - Choose the text for the error on giving access notification.

12 - Choose the text for the give access to restricted domain notification.

13 - Enter the title of the email notification.

14 - Enter the content of the email notification.

15 - Enter the text for the password already set notification.

Click Save Changes.

Once you're done setting it up, You can now then create a new membership to apply the sub-account feature.

To add a sub-account to your membership, go to your eLearnCommerce dashboard then click Memberships -> Add Membership

This doc teaches you how to create a membership

On the Payment Settings Tab, enable the Sub-Accounts Status then enter the number of students you want to give access to your content. Then click Publish once you're done setting up the membership.

Lastly, to give access to your sub-accounts, On your Wordpress dashboard, click Users -> All Users.

Select the sub-accounts user then click Edit

On the Role Option: Select between eLearnCommerce Student Supervisor or Platform Manager, then click the Update button on the lower portion of the page

You're all set!

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