Apply course started and completed tags to all the courses on your eLearning Platform with just a few clicks. 

This feature works retroactively to allow you to do what would otherwise take days or even weeks of work.

The real kicker is that you can retroactively apply a course started and completed tag to all your students and members as well.

It is compatible with the following tag-based email marketing services:

Active Campaign

In order to retroactively bulk tag all of your courses or members automatically, follow these steps:

1 - Navigate to eLearnCommerce -> Platform Health

2 - Click Tools

3 - Select Email Marketing

4 - Select the tool you use in the Source.

5 - Choose a Tag Prefix.

6 - Choose your preferred mode.

7 - Click Start.

8 - Wait for the tool to stop processing.

9 - It will display a summary and the option to Start Over.

Tags will be synced to your email marketing service of choice.

You're all set!

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