You can track how much time a student spends on a course, as well as how much of that time they spend actually focused on the course, that is, the course in question is in the area of the screen that is actually visible to the student.

When a student opens a course, eLearnCommerce starts tracking how much time that student is spending on that course. It will only track time when the student is in the course tab in their browser. If they navigate to a different tab or window, it stops tracking. It will also show you how much time they spent with the course actually displaying in the area of the screen they can see (it wasn't hidden by scrolling up or down).

To access this data, follow these steps:

1 - Navigate to eLearnCommerce -> Statistics.

2 - Click Activity List -> Courses

3- Go to Time Spent tab

4 - Click User List to see the total time tracked or the Time Tracking tab to see time spent and time spent focused.

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