Easily add a learner directory to any page using the User Directory shortcode. Just follow these steps:

1 - Navigate to the page / post / course where you'd like to add the directory.

2 - Click the eLearnCommerce icon and select the User Directory shortcode from the drop-down.

3 - Edit the shortcode as you'd like:

3.1 User Roles: Use this option if you'd like to filter the users displayed in the directory by role.

3.2 Users per Page: Define how many users will be displayed per page.

3.3 Has Search: Define whether you'd like to display a search bar in the user directory.

3.4 Search Text: Enter the text you'd like to display on the search bar.

3.5 View Profile: A View Profile button will be displayed. Choose what text you'd like to display in the button.

4 - Once you're ready, click Use Shortcode.

You're all set!

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