Hi, My Name is Corrado Izzo and I am the CEO of CodeisCode.

In this brief guide, I am going to teach you the 4 steps process you need to follow to build the bones of your Course using eLearnCommerce.

We named it “Blink of an Eye Course Builder” because you can literally build out the basic structure of your Course in just a few seconds and best of all you can create your course and do it all by staying on the same 1 Page.

No! You don’t need to go thru a gazillion Submenus and Subpages, interlink stuff on your Wordpress or go thru lengthy tutorials and you don’t need to learn a completely new way of doing things.

You know how to Create a Post in Wordpress? 


Then you’re already a eLearnCommerce Master.

WE made Building Courses and creating eLearning Portals with eLearnCommerce Free of Pain and Full of Fun.

Check how easy it is below!

1.) Build the bones of your Course in 4 Steps

  • Enter Course Title , Description and Index Page Description.

  • Upload Icon and Course Cover.

  • Click on Build and Add Sections and Lessons.
  • Setup your Course General Options

That's it!

Learn about this one Course Building Best Practice which will save you alot of time.

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