eLearnCommerce uses WordPress’ best practices to make it as compatible as possible with all WordPress Themes; however, some theme authors do not adhere to these best practices which can often result in a conflict with eLearnCommerce.

The aim of this information is to outline some of the considerations you should take into account when choosing a theme, rather than identifying a list of themes you should choose from.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, however an informed decision is always the wisest.

Your eLearnCommerce plugin is a powerful Dynamic Learning Management System, because of this you should:

  • Chose a Lightweight theme. 

  • Use a Page builder such as Elementor or Thrive Architect.

  • Consider purchasing a Premium Theme

  • Choose a Responsive Theme

  • Test the Theme you choose thoroughly. 

A Lightweight Theme

Your eLearnCommerce plugin, along with hosting and your WP Theme is all that you need to create a beautiful learning environment for your students. We highly recommend you use a unique domain for your learning platform, which will separate other aspects of your website (such as blogging) from your eLearnCommerce Platform.

By making this choice, you do not need a theme, heavy with pre-made page templates etc. The more lightweight your theme is, the more optimally your eLearnCommerce platform will operate.

The only essential components from any theme you choose are the header and the footer, because all course elements are designed within the eLearnCommerce plugin.

Use a Page builder such as Elementor, Thrive Architect or any other of your choice.

For any pages you would like to create yourself, doing so with a page builder such as Elementor, Thrive Architect or any other you choose is easy and the resulting pages, beautiful.

Consider purchasing a Premium Theme

Purchasing a Premium Theme is not necessary, but highly recommended.

There is a risk with free themes, that coding is not done to best practices. You also run the risk of the theme 

a) not being updated regularly, 

b) not being supported

c) the theme author abandoning it all together.

Premium themes are dynamic, but also, because they are being charged for, tend to be packed with features – so back to our first point. Keep lightweight in the decision making.

Choose a Responsive Theme

This is a point to consider for userability. You are creating a Learning Platform, and your students will want to choose how they use it. They will want options.

They will want to choose when, where and how they access the material, and they will want it on whichever device (phone, tablet, computer) they decide to access it on.

Test your theme thoroughly.

Testing your theme thoroughly is important.

It may seem like it does everything perfectly, but you want to know it does.

To test your theme you can install a plugin such as Theme Check which will do the necessary checks to ensure your theme is operating at all current WordPress standards.

Here are some Free Themes we know our current eLearnCommerce Platform users operate on with success. 

  • TwentySeventeen

  • Sydney

  • Neve

  • Avada

  • BeaverBuilder

If you would like to purchase a Premium Theme here are a few suggested market places where you can conveniently do this.


Theme Forest      

Elegant Themes     

Studio Press   

Now that you have put this much effort into ensuring you make an informed decision regarding your choice of Theme, why not do the same when it comes to choosing the right hosting for your site.

[will link to ‘A Guide To Hosting your eLearnCommerce Platform] 

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