The Content Stream is a powerful tool within the Personalized Learning Module.

It allows for the quick and easy creation of a specific Learning Stream to be taken by a student.  Having the ability to control HOW a student progresses through this journey is often very important.

You have full control over this when taking advantage of the Timing Functionalities available.

These work in the same way as the timing functionality available within the course builder.  You can read about that here.

In Summary, you have four methods of delivery to chose from:

  1. Instant Access [Platform Default]
  2. Dripped
  3. Specific Date
  4. Advanced [Dripped by Seconds]

Take Note!

Drip day doesn’t require a 24 hour cycle.
Example :

Course A : Day 1
Course B : Day 2

I start the course today at 14:00, I’ll get access to Course B at 00:00, and it will be placed in the ‘Today’ part of the Stream.

2. Course Timing Options are at a section & lesson level, the Content Stream does not change the way the timing options are applied on an inner course level ( inside the course )

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