You want to change your Membership Plugin and use the Sales Engine as your Content Sales and Membership Solution starting today?

How do you migrate all the Content Access Rules and the Membership Expiration Data over from the old to the new Membership Solution? 

eLearnCommerce enables you to get the job done in just a few clicks.

Most importantly, you can perform this operation on a live Membership Site.

We support 1 Click migrations from the following WordPress Membership Plugins.

Digital Access Pass
Easy Digital Downloads

This works also if you've used our Forms Plugins integrations to Enroll, Sell and Protect your Content such as:

Formidable Forms
Gravity Forms

You can move away from any of the above listed membership plugins to the Sales Engine no matter if you've sold access to your Content against a one-time payment or if you've sold access to your Content against a recurring membership fee.


Have these Plugins running & active on your WordPress Membership Site.

1.: Your Previous Membership Plugin.
2.: The eLearnCommerce Integration Addon (for your previous Membership Plugin.)
3.: eLearnCommerce.
4.: The eLearnCommerce Sales Engine. 


Access the migration wizard, go to eLearnCommerce -> Platform Health and select Data System -> Third Party Import.

From the Third Party Integration Dropdown, choose the previous Membership Plugin you'd like to import Content Access Rules from.

In the Import From dropdown you'll see a list of all the posts, courses or pages you protected with your previous Membership Plugin. Just choose the item you'd like to import access rules from.

In the Import To field dropdown you'll choose to which Sales Engine item you'll be migrating the old access rules to.  

You can create a new Post, Page or Course and transfer the old access rules to the new Content Item.

If you'd like for it to be the same as before you just select Same as Import From from the drop-down. What you do in this case is simply transfer the access rules from your previous Membership Solution to the Sales Engine.

When importing access rules for recurring memberships, you will also be able to set a recurring membership expiration date during the migration process.

After you've selected the the previous Membership Plugin you'd like to import Content Access Rules from and selected what to Import From and Import To, click Review Import.

You'll be taken to the next screen to review your import.

Now, click Start Sync and the import will begin. 

As it is processing, you will be able to see the entries it is processing through and, once completed, you will see a success message.

You're Done!

Simply rinse and repeat for all Access Rules.

Please note that the expiration date you set here is a static one, this means that if your subscription was originally created in Paypal using your previous Membership Plugin, after the migration the Paypal Subscription will not be synced.

In this case if a member cancels his subscription you'll need to go into Paypal and cancel the Subscription manually.

The same counts for any payment solution you used except Stripe.

The following 2 are the best-case scenarios:

1.: You sold access to your Content against a One-Time Fee. In this case it does not matter which Payment Provider you used. Just transfer the Access Rules as explained above and the process is seamless. 

2.: You sold access to your Content against a Recurring Subscription and you exclusively used Stripe as your Payment Provider. Just transfer the Access Rules as outlined above then run a Stripe Subscription Sync Learn More 

Now all subscription data is synced with the migrated Content Access Rules and Membership Upgrades, cancellations are all possible and do work without any issues. 

You're all set!

Now Go Create Massive Value!

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