You are able to synchronize your Stripe Subscriptions through the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Add-On.

The first step is to configure Stripe in your Add-On. Let us guide you through the steps to configure Stripe and synchronize your subscriptions.

Step 1:

Navigate to eLearnCommerce -> Settings to be able to access your Add-On Settings.

Step 2:

Navigate to Sales Engine in the top right corner.

Step 3:

Click Payment Gateway Settings to open the setup options for the various payment gateways available. Scroll to the Stripe section and enter:

  • Your publishable key;
  • Your secret key;
  • The Webhook URL;
  • The Webhook signing secret.

Then select a Stripe Plan Management and Subscription Mode.

Once done click Save Changes.

Step 4:

Now that Stripe is configured as a payment gateway, it is time to Sync your Stripe subscriptions! To do that, head to eLearnCommerce -> Platform Health.

Step 5:

Navigate to Platform Health and select Data System -> Sync Stripe Subscriptions with Memberships

Step 6:

A page will open for your to sync your existing subscriptions under the Stripe account you configured with the memberships currently setup in your site!

Chose subscription you'd like to sync with a membership from the top drop-down. Then choose the membership you'd like to sync it to and click Review Sync.

Step 7:

You will see the information of your selected Stripe Subscription and of the Membership it is being synced to. If that is correct, click Start Sync.

Step 8:

Once synced, you'll see a success message indicating your Stripe subscription has been successfully synced with the selected membership!

You can sync as many subscriptions as you'd like!

But how would it work with my memberships?

You can see your membership settings going to eLearnCommerce -> Memberships and selecting the one you want to see.

A few things to notice:

  • It'll work even if you have PayPal set up as the default. You'll still be able to take Stripe payments.
  • Even if you set up a frequency in your membership settings that is different from the Stripe plan you had set up previously, it will still work and will revert to the original setting and bill the way your student was used to.
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