YouTube has an excellent facility that permits you to live stream for up to 24 hours and also has screen sharing abilities. It is free and easy to get set up.

You can choose to go Live immediately or schedule your live streams for future dates, which is excellent if you want to create a calendar of events for your group teaching, coaching or consulting.

In this document, I will show, step by step how to get up and running quickly to the point of copying your live stream link, which you can then embed anywhere on your WP site.

It is especially effective to use this in the PLM when streaming to a group.

If you have not created a Learner Profile to stream in yet, it can be done in three simple steps.

The 3 basic steps to setup Learner Profiles

Step 1.: Create a Page on your WordPress and name it Learner Profile, User Profile or anything else.

Step 2.: Click on the eLearn Commerce Shortcode Builder and choose the User Profile Page Shortcode.

Step 3.: Customize your Shortcode and then click “Use Shortcode”. Save your Page.


You can find a full step-by-step guide to setting up a Learner Profile here.

Before you get started, you must have your YouTube Channel Enabled for Live Streaming.


Step 1: From your YouTube channel icon, select YouTube Studio (Beta)

Step 2: From the Left Hand Menu, select Other Features > Live Streaming

Step 3: Select Event > Create New Live Event from Top Right Hand Corner of screen

Step 4 - Chose 'Events'

Step 5: Select > New Live Event

Step 6: Fill all relevant fields for your live stream:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Public/Private/Unlisted [If you want your stream to be seen by everyone, leave on 'Public'. If you are doing private teaching/coaching in your PLM chose 'Unlisted']

when you are done with these details (they can be edited later also) select the 'Go Live Button'.

You will NOT be live yet!

Step 7: Select 'OK' on next page

You are still not live, but you will now see the Live Streaming Feed.

Now is the perfect time to do final checks on your equipment [mic. camera etc. which all can be accessed from the icon bar at the top of the window.]

Step 8: Copy your Live Stream Link

Select 'Links' at the bottom right hand corner. This opens two links, and embed link and a Page Link. Copy the Page Link. Embed this on any WP page or into your PLM Learning Channel of choice.

You can explore how to embed your live stream link in the PLM here.

Step 9: Click the ‘Start Broadcast’ button at the bottom of your screen

You are now streaming live to your students/clients.

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