NOTE! The Import & Export Addon has been retired and this feature is native to eLearn Commerce since Version 1.11.

Learn how you can automatically Backup or Migrate your eLearning Platform here.

Learn how you can Export of Individual or Multiple Content and Course Types here.

Learn how you can Import your Course Content using a CSV file with a single click here.

This guide will walk you trough the steps you need to take, in order to transfer and migrate your Course Content from one Site to another, this also includes Videos and E-Books, and also importing media files ( including pictures ) on the new website.

I. Download the Addon from the CodeStore

II. Install the Plugin on your website, make sure your eLearn Commerce version is above 1.4

III. Activate the Plugin

IV. Go to the Import & Export Control Panel within the eLearn Commerce Menu

V. Visit the Export Section of the plugin

VI. Chose what you want to export from eLearn Commerce, you can chose a JSON only export if you don't want to export media files into your new website, this including pictures, video files that are self hosted, and also mp3 files in certain cases.

VII. You're all set, you can now either Import from JSON or ZIP into any new website, or you can use this as a backup if you're experimenting new things.

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