Before you can integrate InstaMember with eLearnCommerce you need to install the latest Version of it on your WordPress Site.

You need at least eLearnCommerce Version 1.9 and Version 1.0 of the InstaMember Integration Addon.

Once you're all set, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Go to eLearnCommerce Settings —> Addon Settings —> click on InstaMember Integration.

Another thing:
When creating a Course, Ebook, Offer, Video with eLearnCommerce this box will show on the right hand side.

For each Course or Membership you will have created a Sales Page on your site.

Insert the Sales Page URL into the Sell Link field.

Use Case: If you sell 2 – 3 – 4 Courses, Ebooks, Videos or Offers on your eLearning Platform you will have a number of Sales Pages for each one.

If users do not own the Content this is the Page they will be redirected to once they click the Start Course Button on the Course Cover.

You can see how this works and behaves on the frontend here.

If you have only 1 Sales Page on your learning platform or if you sell all your Courses and Content through one Sales Page then you can set a default Redirect link in the Settings of the Addon here:

You can further customize the text of the Presentation Card here:

This text will appear on the frontend if Users do now own the Content here:

Learn how to customize your Index Page manually by following the steps contained in this execution plan.

Now go create massive value!

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