Before you can integrate Aweber with the eLearnCommerce you need to install the latest Version of the Aweber integration Addon on your WordPress Site.

You need at least eLearnCommerce Version 1.9 and Version 1.0 of the eLearnCommerce Aweber Integration Addon.

Once you're set, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Go to eLearnCommerce Settings —> Addon Settings —> Aweber Integration

Step 2:
Enter Your License Key and click Save Changes.

Step 3:
Click on Generate Authorization Code

Step 4:
On the window that opens, enter your Aweber Login Details and click on Allow Access.

Step 5:
Copy the authorization code to your Clipboard

Step 6:
Paste it into the Authorization Code field in the eLearnCommerce Aweber Integration Settings and click on Save Changes.

Step 7:
Choose the list to which you’d like to automatically subscribe your Members to upon signup and/or purchase from the drop-down Menu and click Save Changes.

When Building your Course with eLearnCommerce, you will now be presented with the option to enter your Aweber tags. Tagging ability is added to your assessments and to Course Sections & Modules as well.

Now go create massive value!

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