You can access your platform's statistics going to eLearnCommerce -> Statistics.

The Activity List will show you a summary of the general activity of your students in your platform. It allows you to see the student's names together with their identifier, the identifier of the course(s) they are taking and the date when they completed the course, as well as their email address.

  • First Name will show you the student's first name.
  • Last Name will show you the student's last name.
  • Course Identifier will display the identifier of the course the student is taking.
  • Completed at shows you the date and time when the student completed the course.
  • Email Address shows you the student's email address.

1.: User Activity 

2.: Courses

Do you want to export this data and run further analysis on it? No worries! You can use the Download button to export a CSV file with all the data.

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