You can easily integrate a Forum - like Buddy Press or wpForo - with your eLearning Membership Site.

This can be done in two scenarios:

Scenario 1:

You want to give only specific members access to the forum.

In this case, make sure you choose a Membership Plugin in your mix that integrates with BBPress or with any other classic Forum Plugin.

You then use a Plugin like Nav Menu Roles to add a menu tab and only show the Forum menu link to your Members.

In this scenario, anyone that buys a course gets access to the specific forum as well. DONE!

Scenario 2:

You want to have a Public Forum that is not bound to any Membership.

In this case, just use BBPress as it comes. Install it on your domain or on a subdomain (for example, and simply add a link to it on your menu. This makes it so that anyone can access the forum.

We personally advise against running a forum on the same domain where you host and deliver your learning related content, but ultimately that will depend on your setup.

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