You can use the Course(s) Is Completed conditional shortcode to add a condition to display a certain course or content only if a course (or a set of other courses) has been previously completed by the student.

To use the shortcode, follow these steps:

  1. On the course or page where you'd like to use the shortcode, click the eLearnCommerce icon in the editor.

2. Select Miscellaneous -> Course(s) Is Completed. The shortcode editor will open.

3. In the shortcode editor, in the Course Section, select the courses you'd like to add as part of the conditional (the ones the student needs to complete to access the course where you're applying the shortcode).

4. In Content, enter what you'd like to display on the page. It can be text or it can even be the Course Embed shortcode with a different eLearnCommerce course. In that case, it'll work a bit like pre-requisites. Your student will only be able to access the embedded course if they have completed the courses in the conditional.

5. When ready. click Use Shortcode.

With the Course Embed used together with the conditional shortcode, you will have something like:

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