I. The eLearnCommerce Custom CSS handles 3 things.

  • Color Variations CSS

  • Font-Size & Font-Family Information

  • Custom CSS added by the admin

II. The Custom CSS can be delivered in 2 ways

  • From a CSS File that is dynamically generated (high performance, in rare cases this can generate issues with caching plugins if not properly configured)

  • By adding it on the page (lower performance, but will never conflict with other plugins)

III. When should you not Deliver the CSS By File?

Deciding if you want to deliver the CSS from the page instead of a file is situational and, in most cases, you'll be asked to do it or not by our support team.

  • The CSS Layout looks broken.

  • Custom Colors you've selected are not properly reflected in certain elements.

  • You want to customize eLearnCommerce heavily through your Child Theme (you'll want to switch this off afterwards though).

IV. Where are the settings?

  1. Go to eLearnCommerce Settings.

2. Select Advanced Options under General.

3. Custom CSS By File is a checkmark option. Make sure it is enabled if you want to deliver CSS by file.

4. Scroll Down and Save Changes.

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