Normally you would run MySQL queries directly within phpMyAdmin, or Sequel Pro, or Heidi SQL.

If you're familiar with these and know how to access them, that's great! Any SQL queries we'll give you trough support can also run through those softwares, but they might a bit too techie for some of our customers, or maybe they simply don't have access to the DB directly.

I. Installing Run SQL Query 

We recommend this plugin because it's simple and offers the minimal functionality needed, it is not bloated with too many options or extra steps.

  1. Go to the Plugins Page and press Add New

  2. Search for the Run SQL Query plugin

  3. Install the Plugin

  4. Activate the Plugin, after successfully being installed the button will change.

II. Go to the Run SQL Query Page

  1. Go to the Tools Page and press Run SQL Query

  2. Paste or Input the MySQL Query you want to run

  3. Run Query

III. If you were asked to run a query by the support team, you can optionally send us the result of the query to confirm it's all good now. Please make sure you also copy the system report if the query you were asked to run was given after a feature was reported to not be working correctly.

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