Click on the eLearnCommerce Shortcodes drop-down menu and select

As you click on it, a new window will pop up with the following shortcode options:

1.: Shortcode

As you're building your Shortcode and keep configuring it this is where it'll be displayed.

2.: Options

Click the button to Copy the Shortcode to your Clipboard.

3.: Width

Set the max. width of eLearnCommerce's layout, not all options may be supported by your theme.

4.: Background

Here you can Set a Custom Background Color.

5.: Padding

Set padding around your content.

6.: Box Shadow

Adjust the shadow of the content wrapper.

All you need to do is to go thru all the options and as you do you'll see your Shortcode take shape.

When you're done you just click on "Use ShortCode".

The Shortcode is now copied to your Clipboard.

You can now go ahead and paste it onto any Page, Post, Widget, eLearnCommerce Lesson on your WordPress Site.

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