This is a conditional Shortcode which allows you to display:

to the learner, based on whether they have completed a course or not. Optionally, you can select multiple courses that the student needs to complete before the message is displayed.

Great for onboarding users that have just signed up. They will need to go through a specific number of items and, if they do not go through all of them, the message/list of courses and/or image continues to be displayed to them.

To use the shortcode, open a course or page in WordPress and click the eLearnCommerce Shortcode Builder in the editor. Select Miscellaneous -> Course(s) Is Completed or Course(s) Not Completed depending on the criteria you would like to use.

A window will open with the shortcode builder. Choose the content you'd like to add and the courses that will establish the criteria to be used (courses that must be completed / not completed). Once ready, click Use Shortcode to insert it in the editor.

To know more about eLearnCommerce's Visual Shortcode Builder, click here.

Another use case: You can make it mandatory for the Index Page to become visible only after the student has completed an introduction course. The Shortcodes used for this would look like this:

[wpep_course_not_completed id="1"]
[wpep_course id="1"]

[wpep_course_is_completed id="1"]
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