Course Progress Tracker tracks the progress made for each course. It does not provide any user data beyond how many users are currently using it and how many users have completed each course.


The following steps will display the Course Progress Tracker.

1. Go to Statistics on the side menu.
 2. Click on the Course Progress Tracker tab.

Description of Fields

The screen displays all of the details about course activity and completion.

There are five parts to this screen.

  • Course Name displays the name of all available courses. A link is provided so you can review the course if needed. It is a complete list of all courses that have not been completed by all users.
  • Course Lessons displays the number of lessons the course has.
  • Completion Rate is the percentage of users who had started and completed the course.
  • Users progressing shows the number of users who are actually making progress toward completing the course. In the above example, one user is actively working through the Food Safety Training course.

Users completed are the number of users who have completed all of the lessons for the course.

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