Latest Interactions shows you details about which users have recently accesses courses and which course were accessed.

There is a hidden tab associated with the Latest Interactions tab. By clicking on a user profile, you will open the User Profile tab, which provides details about the user.


The following steps will display the Latest Interactions.

1. Go to Statistics on the side menu.
 2. Click on the Latest Interactions tab.

Description of Fields

The screen displays all of the details you need to determine information about the latest use for courses. You can also track who has been active recently.

There are five parts to this screen.

  • Date shows the date and time when the course was accessed.
  • Course Name displays the name of the course that was accessed. A link is provided so you can review the course if needed.
  • Section Name details which part of the course the user accessed. If a user accesses several different sections, they are shown separately on the screen.
  • Lesson Name provides details on which lesson the user worked on during the session.
  • User is the user who accessed the lesson. It is liked so that you can review further details about the user.

User Profile

The purpose of this tab is to give you additional details about the user. For example, you can see which courses the user can access and the number of courses the user has actually accessed.

Note that this is the same screen that displays when you click on a user in User List tab. It displays beside that tab as well.

If the user has selected a picture, it will display in the top left. You can review which courses the user has access to by using the drop down menu beside the picture. The reset of the information are details about courses the user has taken.

To return to the Latest Interactions tab, click on it. This tab will disappear once you click away from it.

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