Let us guide you through the steps to set up the Challenge Course Type:

Step 1:

Navigate to eLearn Commerce -> All Courses.

Step 2:

Click the New Course button up top to start creating a new course.

Step 3:

In the right sidebar, navigate to Course Type under General Options and choose Challenge from the drop-down.

Step 4:

You'll see a Add Social Link box. Add the link to be shared or leave empty to share the course link.

Step 5:

Edit the presentation of your course in the Present  tab. You can a title, a description, a category, and customize your Start Course button!

Step 6:

Once ready, click the Build tab to start building your challenge course!

The Challenge Course allows you to add sections and below each section you can add tasks which belong to that specific section.

On the section click the eye icon to add a description for a section and the calendar icon to set up Timed Delivery.

Your lessons will be checklist like items. 

Note: Lessons = Days, Weeks or Months depending on how you structure your challenge, if it's a daily challenge you'll name your lessons: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and so on and so forth and you'd control the daily delivery with the timing options.

You can additionally tag your Students on each Lesson depending on which Membership Plugin or Email Marketing Automation you're using.

Step 7:

When you finish creating the content, click Publish and set your course Free;-)

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