This tutorial works for the following Course Types :

  • Execution Plan
  • Learn Maps

You have the option to link directly to a specific lesson, module or section of a course, so that when a student / learner clicks that link, it will automatically scroll down and open that particular lesson for them. You'll want to use Google Chrome for this.

NOTE! This same method works for Sections and Modules.

Step 1

Navigate to the course page where the lesson you'd like to directly link to is.

Step 2

Right click the lesson you'd like to directly link to and choose Inspect from the options that will appear.

Step 3

This will open the browser console. You'll notice you'll see a highlighted line. If that line does not start with <h3, look at the lines above it until you find the <h3 line. Click the <h3 line to highlight it.

Step 4

The line will read <h3 id="This-is-the-ID" [...]. Copy the text of the ID.

Step 5

Go to your URL in your browser and, after the last "/" add #The-id-you-just-copied.

Step 6

That is the link you need to save and send to your student. So when they click on it, it'll take them straight to the lesson you want to link them to.

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