Each eLearnCommerce Course can be "locked" by prerequisites, which means students are required to complete a certain course or courses before they can access a particular content.

I. Prerequisites - Understanding the Basics

  • Suggest what course should be done next at the end of each course.
  • Restrict access to a course until the prerequisites have been completed by redirecting the user.
  • Display a notification to the student suggesting they complete a previous course before moving to the present one (if the previous course has not been fully completed yet).
  • Course prerequisites can be "chained", allowing you to create a clear order in which the student goes through the courses.

Course Prerequisites are active by default and they don't require a setting to be activated.

II. Prerequisites - Course Options

The Prerequisite Options are visible under General Options for each course.

III. Prerequisites - Examples

Example: Require a Course 1 - Part 1 to be completed before having access to Course 1 - Part 2

1. Go to Course 1 - Part 2 inside the Course Editor.

2. Locate the eLearn Commerce Prerequisites Settings.

3. Set the Prerequisites Mode to "The student must complete all the prerequisites.".

4. Select the Prerequisite(s) required for this Course, in our example Course 1 - Part 1.

5. Update the Course (Quick Save will also work).

When Students visit Course 1 - Part 1, they'll receive suggestion(s) on which courses they should approach next..

IV. Prerequisites - General Settings

  1. Go to eLearnCommerce -> Settings.

2. Click General in the Course Page card.

3. Scroll down until the Prerequisites section

 4. All the options except "Lock Course" are strictly sentences you may want to change.

5. Lock Course should be enabled if you want to restrict access to a course from the Index Page if the student has not completed the prerequisites. This should normally be checked if you have an ordered Course Collection, where the order of the Courses won't cause confusion.

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