How to Upgrade eLearnCommerce using Easy Themes and Plugin Upgrades

Step 1 – Login to your Website.

Step 2 – Go to your wp-admin.

Step 3 – Go to your Plugins.

Step 4 – Press Add New.

Step 5 – Search for Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades

Step 6 – Visit the CodeIsCode My Account section.

You can access it here.

Step 7 – Login to your account, in case you’ve lost your password, please check:

Step 8 – Download the latest version of eLearnCommerce

NOTE: The version number may differ from the screenshot.

Step 9 – Go back to the Plugins then click Add New

Step 10 – Drag the eLearnCommerce Zip File you’ve just downloaded.

Step 11 – Go through the migration process if you get a notification

Now Go Create Massive Value

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