What's the Member Magnet Option

The lead magnet option that allows you to make it mandatory for users to log in if they try to interact with the course, ideal for Facebook campaigns, a message is presented before the login form, which you can set per course, and the students are required to log in or register an account.

Enabling the option from Settings

1. Access your WordPress site wp-admin

2. Hover over the eLearnCommerce tab in the sidebar and click Settings.

3. Select Content Options in the General tab.

4. Scroll down to Content Modules and check the Enable Member Magnet option.

The New Options within a Course

By default, the Member Magnet is disabled for each course. You can enable it on a course to make it mandatory for users to log in if they try to access the course.

The default view is the page that will be displayed when a user tries to access the course. It is usually the login page, but it can also be the Register page or the Password Reset page.

You can also set the content you'd like to display before and after the login form.

Optionally, you can also add the URL of a page you'd like to redirect the students to upon login.

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