You can designate teachers, coaches and consultants to learners without having to give them full admin permissions on your eLearnCommerce website using Learning Channels!

To be able to assign a teacher, coach or consultant to a learning channel, first make sure they are a eLearnCommerce Audience Manager following these steps.

If they are still not a user in your WordPress site:

To add a new user go to Users in your WordPress sidebar and click Add New.

In the page that'll open, add a username for your user and their email address. Then select eLearnCommerce Audience Manager as the role and click Add New User.

If they are already a user in your WordPress site:

Navigate to Users -> All Users from your WordPress sidebar.

Click Edit under the profile of the user you'd like to edit, scroll down to Role and switch it to eLearnCommerce Audience Manager. Then click Save Changes.

Now that they have the correct permissions, it is time to create the learning channel to assign them to a student!

As the administrator, you'll have access to the channel. So you'll need to create a grouped channel (as it'll include you, the teacher/coach/consultant and the learner) and restrict access to it. Let us guide you through the steps to set this up.

Step 1:

Navigate to eLearnCommerce -> Personalize Learning to add a new channel.

Step 2:

To create a new channel, click the Add Learning Channel button on the top left side.

Step 3:

Give your channel a name.

Step 4:

In General Settings, under Access Rules select the Manual option from the drop-down.

For Conversation Type select the Grouped option.

Under Participants, start typing the student's name and click it once it comes up to add them to the channel. Do the same with the teacher/coach/consultant.

Step 5:

Continue editing your channel to add content. Once you are ready, click Publish!

Your teacher / consultant / coach will now have a personalized, direct channel to communicate with their assigned student!

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