The release of eLearnCommerce 1.11 includes data privacy and GDPR compliance features.

The data privacy and GDPR compliance related features we’ve added to eLearnCommerce 1.11 are the following:

When using eLearnCommerce all by itself to run your Membership Site and Membership Plugin we’ve added the following two checkboxes to the account creation form:

Note: You'll want to link to your updated Privacy Policy pages you have previously created.

All text can be edited in the eLearnCommerce backend so that you can personalize the message appearing for each checkbox.

To access these settings and edit the text, please follow these steps:

Step 1:

Go to eLearnCommerce and navigate to Settings:

Step 2:

Click Data & Privacy under Learner Engagement.

Step 3:

Make any modifications you'd like!

On this screen you can also set a last change date and, when you modify your privacy policy and add a new date users will be required to confirm your new, updated terms.

New Users will be able to Accept or Decline your Privacy Policy and User Agreements. If they decline, you'll be able to redirect them to a custom page if you'd like to do so.

Note: We will automate all these procedures in the future and all these Wordpress related privacy features will be handled by eLearnCommerce.

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