You can add Key Performance Indicators to any Learning Channel in your platform to track a learner's performance in key points of your course.

Step 1:

To set that up, navigate to eLearnCommerce -> Personalize Learning.

Step 2:

Open the Learning Channel where you'd like to add the Key Performance Indicators.

Step 3:

Navigate to the Metrics Settings section and:

  • Change the status to Enabled.
  • Choose the frequency in which you'd like to track those indicators.
  • Add the indicators you'd like to track by adding their names and clicking Add to create new ones.

Your Key Performance Indicators for that channel have been created!

You and your student can now access the learning channel and add the numbers to the indicators and see the graph.

In order to see your student's Key Performance Indicators, navigate to Users in your WordPress sidebar and click the eLearnCommerce Public Profile option under your student's user profile.

This will open you student's eLearnCommerce public profile.

You can access the Learning Channel you want to and you'll find the option to add the performance data and generate the graph based on those indicators there.

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